Volksbank Baden-Baden eG Rastatt

Volksbank Baden-Baden Rastatt eG is a cooperative bank with its headquarters in Rastatt and main branches in Baden-Baden and Gaggenau. The Volksbank business area comprises the northern half of the Rastatt district and the Baden-Baden district. The bank operates both private and corporate customer business in 25 branches. The bank is one of the 100 largest cooperative banks in Germany.

CustomerVolksbank Baden-Baden Rastatt eG
GoalCreativity and cooperation
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Kundenlösung Volksbank Baden-Baden Rastatt eG mit Schallabsorber für das Büro

Initial situation and goals

The customer service of Volksbank Baden-Baden Rastatt eG (telephone access channel for customers) is now the largest “branch” in which 22 qualified bank clerks work. They accept up to 1,000 calls a day and handle all services for private and corporate customers.

The previous premises in Baden-Baden were too cramped and sub-optimal in terms of workplace equipment – especially in terms of discretion and sound insulation.

The solution

The conversion of the former, temporarily unused counter hall at the administrative headquarters in Baden-Baden into modern offices offered the opportunity to completely redesign the customer service department.

In the course of finding a solution, Volksbank Baden-Baden Rastatt eG became aware of PREFORM, the German specialist for acoustic well-being. A visit to the exhibition in Feuchtwangen and the professional advice and support convinced.

PREFORM products used

From the desk partition to the room-in-room – here you can find out more about the PREFORM products that were used in this project.

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