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TIGER Coatings GmbH & Co KG is an Austrian powder coating manufacturer based in Wels / Upper Austria. According to chemiereport.at, the company is the sixth largest powder coating manufacturer in the world and, with approx. 1,300 employees, generated sales of 295 million euros in 2018. In addition to Austria, production sites are also located in Egypt, Canada, Mexico and Vietnam, as well as two plants in the USA and three in China.

TIGER Coatings develops and produces exclusively environmentally friendly, high-performance products that correspond to the state of the art and thus remain true to the principles: high quality standards, environmentally friendly and innovative products, short delivery times, high flexibility and excellent customer service.

The service orientation is consistently lived – to the internal as well as to the external customer. Internally: with committed, loyal, communicative and technically competent colleagues. New Skills” such as the ability to work in a team, self-responsibility and self-learning ability are existential characteristics for success in an environment of constant change.

It was only a small step to recognize the necessity of a modern, ergonomic office workplace.

CustomerTIGER Coatings GmbH & Co. KG
LocationWels, Austria
GoalCreativity and cooperation
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Kundenlösung TIGER Coatings Schallabsorber Büro

Initial situation and goals

Creation of ergonomic solutions and above all with an intelligent, individual integration of artificial light in sun-drenched offices, with the aim of creating an ergonomic office situation that is perfectly adapted to the respective activity.


BÜROQUADRAT, specialist for ergonomic office furniture, was able to design many absolutely contemporary office workplaces with PREFORM products:

  • Height-adjustable desks, mobile pedestals and cupboards
  • Acoustic panels in the direct working area
  • Perfect, individually adjustable, dimmable light (height-adjustable with the tables)
  • Thus also direct and indirect lighting possible

Current situation

“The feel-good factor in the workplace plays an increasingly important role. That’s why we’ve designed our interiors to create an environment that reflects today’s zeitgeist and encourages behaviors that are essential for continuous learning, experimentation and creativity. Our new work and meeting areas form the design basis for a high level of interpersonal communication at eye level. It was important to us to create as open and transparent work areas as possible, differently designed meeting rooms and as many places of encounter as possible. Height-adjustable desks were therefore a basic requirement.

The right light in the right place at the right intensity is of enormous importance for well-being. That’s why it makes sense to control it correctly. With the new generation of desks with integrated, individually adjustable light, this can be ideally solved. Since the basic lighting is reduced and the illuminants are replaced by LEDs, energy costs are also reduced”.

Prok. Ing. Elisabeth Berghofer, TIGER Coatings GmbH & Co. KG

The right workplace can change ways of thinking, inspire employee commitment and encourage creativity.
Prok. Ing. Elisabeth Berghofer
Chairwoman of Supervisory Board | Human Resources | TIGER Coatings GmbH & Co. KG

PREFORM products used

From the desk partition to the room-in-room – here you can find out more about the PREFORM products that were used in this project.

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