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A1 is Austria’s leading communications provider with more than 5.3 million mobile customers and more than 2 million fixed-network lines. Customers benefit from a comprehensive, one-stop offering consisting of voice telephony, Internet access, digital cable television, data and IT solutions, wholesale services and mobile business and payment solutions. The brands A1, bob, Red Bull MOBILE and Yesss! stand for highest quality and smart services. As a responsible company, A1 integrates socially relevant environmental concerns into its core business.

An ideal working environment requires modern, ergonomic office workplaces where employees can fully develop their talents and commitment. In the sense of flexible and mobile forms of work, A1 wanted to create diverse working environments that offer optimized conditions for different requirements.


CustomerA1 Telekom Austria AG
GoalCreativity and cooperation
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Initial situation and goals


  • Mobile PREFORM room partitioning systems that can be organized for optical separation, demarcation and shielding
  • Without any connection and structural interventions to the building structure
  • Opposite workplaces should also be acoustically separated from each other by self-standing walls or desk tops.
  • The interior is made of highly sound-absorbing gypsum foam
  • Wall systems create privacy and visual tranquillity at the same time
  • Optimal working conditions for group workplaces was the declared goal
  • With special glass attachments, however, a good visual contact to the employees should be possible




  • So-called focus rooms were created for concentrated work
  • The employees can continue to communicate and exchange information quickly and easily thanks to the special glass tops
  • A uniform office layout design, also for managers, ensures clarity in large areas
  • The goal of creating a quiet and subdued room situation was thus clearly achieved

Current situation

At A1, for example, there are now so-called workbenches for temporary work or spontaneous open meetings; this space is also popular with managers. In addition, differently equipped meeting rooms or small focus rooms, which are often used for concentrated work, telephone calls or discussions with employees. The group workstations in small open areas are equipped with height-adjustable tables, acoustic partitions and IT equipment. Each of these new working environments should remain flexible and be best suited and equipped for the different applications.
The Executive Board and management levels also no longer have individual offices, but the new standard workstations.

With PREFORM, the German specialist for ergonomic office layouts, especially in the field of acoustics, A1 has found the ideal partner and created almost 2,500 new jobs.
Dr. Klaus Stadlbauer
Projektleiter Planung und Bau

PREFORM products used

From the table top wall to the room in room, here you can find out about the PREFORM products used in this project. 

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