With over 20 million members, ADAC e.V. is the largest association in Germany and one of the largest member organizations in the world. As a service provider, it makes a significant contribution to ensuring help, protection and advice in all areas of mobile life. Through the scope and quality of its tests, legal advice for its members and expert knowledge, ADAC e.V. acts as a consumer protector and lobbyist. The ADAC e.V. as an ideal association represents economic interests within the framework of the so-called secondary purpose privilege. The commercial activities are organized in the ADAC SE and its subsidiaries, the non-profit activities in the ADAC Foundation.

CustomerADAC e.V.
GoalCreativity and cooperation
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PREFORM products used

From the desk screen to the room-in-room, here you can find out about the PREFORM products used in this project. 

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